Friday, March 29, 2013

Clothes that SCREAM summer!

Today, I was looking through Next's catalogue. Personally, I think Next's clothing is a bit hit and miss; sometimes I find it can be a bit 'mumsy' if you know what I mean, yet others you can find some really classy stuff in there! So yeah, I decided to take a sneak peak at Next's summer catalogue. 
I know what your thinking *looking through summer catalogues when theres snow on the ground outside! Is she mad?* I know, I know but I think sometimes when your feeling the chill from the english weather theres always something bound to cheer you up: having a flick through a selection of shorts,dresses and cowboy hats!!
Here are a few of the clothing items that instantly drew my eye to them....

I L-O-V-E this gorgeous dress! The subtle blues and creams are inevitable to look stunning against sun kissed summer skin and the just-below-the-waist frill gives the dress an interesting and unique touch. This one will definitely plague my mind until I buy it!

Floral and fantastic for summer! Look at these bobby dazzlers! With navy blues, turqoise, red and cream; these shout nothing else but summer. I can imagine wearing these with a pair of denim shorts and a tee... PERFECT! What do you think? 

I always think pastels are such a summer colour! After the rich colours of winter, I think we all need a splash of a light and fluffy colour such as baby pink; thats why I'm so in love with these shorts. Also, the turned up ends just give an edgy, cool look!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am mad for khaki! So when I saw this dress... well you can imagine... I don't think took a breath for at least 10 seconds! The floatyness gives a beautiful majestic look and with out fail will make heads turn!

Three quarter lengths are great for those days when its warm but not a scorcher! The sky blue and cream pin stripes depict summer in every way as well as the classy copper buttons of which gives the item an expensive feel.

To be fair, I've never worn espadrilles before but when I saw these, I was 100% confident that I will be investing in a pair some time in the near future! I think if any shoes were to give you a flashback of that warm summer sun;these would be them!

WOW! Now this dress is one of those dresses is utterly and purely beautiful! The elegant paisley pattern with the understated cream background is a print that I only saw in dreams until I saw this! Now... wheres my purse....

Hope you enjoyed reading this particularly summerlicious post! Maybe you could tell us your fav and whether you would love to invest in any of these amazing items just like moi!


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