Monday, May 27, 2013

The Best Bits of Summer

   I'm a huge fan of maxi skirts and black ones are just so versatile in the sense that they just go with    everything! I particularly like the far left one, paired with a loose white top and long beachy hair :)
Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale always lean towards the effortless boho style for summer and Its one I certainly like to take inspiration from. I would totally wear both of these outfits.

   Selena Gomez also looks fabulous in floral and again demonstrates an effortless look. I LOVE this dress and she just looks so pretty :o Im not quite sure whether I would take many tips of her friend though :S but whatever rocks your socks!

    I know its not everybody's cup of tea but I am a huge lover of printed trousers this year! Living in England, very much limits you to wearing something a little warmer in Summer as there is quite a chill!!! So instead of cute little shorts and dresses I am looking for more jazzy ways to wear trousers and jeans! Floral prints, monochrome geometric s and polka dots all sounds rather appealing to me as appose to blue skinnies :)

    Oh my gosh , you just cant go wrong with your good old pair of tatty converse! haha ! I honestly don't     care if mine don't perhaps look spanking new because they always just add a casual tone to whatever im wearing and still look cute with skirts and dresses.
    So maybe I'm not a huge fan of high low hem lines, but doesn't Elanor Calder look so lovely here! The    loose messy bun, dainty sandals against her bronzed skin and an effortless floaty skirt! I love her here :) 
I love my Docs and I want to pair them with shorts this summer and floral skirts to add a pop of jazz

You gotta have a bit of 1D :) I really like loose tops for the summer just because tight tops can equal sweat city (my apologies for being so graphic!) But what a better way to show you loose tops than ones with one direction on them!! 

I'm not sure why I ended this fashion post with this picture but doesn't it look AMAZE... Jose I think we so need to do this this summer ! Pink lemonade in a jar! haha :) 

I hope you enjoyed and found some inspiration for when you go summer shopping! have fun!! 


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