Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer tips & tricks....

Hi gals its J here!
Long time no see...ay ? Sorry about my long absence, I have just finished my exams the friday just gone and have been, unfortunately, revising for them :( BUT! No stress! They are over now so hopefully I can entertain you with a fewa' my postamondos!
Ok, since there are only 6 days left until june (which i basically class as summer) I thought I'd do a little summery post to get us all in the mood for the BEST season of the year!! YYYEEEEEEEKK!!!!! :D

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep up your sleeve whilst sailing the wave of summer...

1. Go fresh...
Summer is the season of bieng eau naturel! So don't cake on that foundation or draw deep lines of eyeliner around those eyes! Instead go easy on the under concealer and maybe add a dash of light brown mascara to keep your face looking healthy and full of that vitamin D!

2. Pre-think your summer style...
I don't know about you, but I definitely have in mind what trends i'm going to be rocking this summer! Im going for the boho look with a hint of beach. It's always good to have in mind what styles your going to be wearing this summer; people will know your signature style and remember your for it!

3. Slap it on!
-and no not makeup! We all know what I'm talking about; suncream! Ok, I know when it comes to summer all we can think about is our tans but you can still get bronzed using suncream... you just won't get all the nasty burns- after all you don't want to go walking around like a crimson tomato! 

4. Shade it out!
Sunglasses come in all different colours and shapes to match your personality so why not invest in a pair rather than pay the price of your future creases! Yes, its true! If you don't shade up whilst your young in 20 years time you'll be walking around like a shrivelled up prune! All those rays that make you squint; that squint will soon turn into permanent wrinkles! ew!

5. Waves are the way!
This summer the trend thats shouting the loudest is beachy waves! Instead of heat damaging your hair by tugging hot straighteners through your tresses; why go freestyle and leave those locks to do what they wanna?!

6. Tart up those tootsies!
During those hot sticky days your bound to slips on your sandals or flip flops... or anything toeless! If your going to have your toes on display you need to spruce em' up a bit! Why not have a foot pamper  hour and give them a lil' massage and paint your nails in a bright colour !

7. Carry a cup of...
The coolest accessory a girl can strut around town with this summer is an ice cold fruit smoothie, slush puppy or anything of that kind! Not only do they keep you cool and hydrated but at the same time look ultimately jazzy paired with your shorts and tee!

Hope you enjoyed that lil' splash of summer!

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