Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prom Eyes

Hi peepz!
Its prom season and you know what that means.... You may need a few quick tips, tricks and ideas to give you a bit of inspiration :) well all help is at hand !
Here I have a 3 quick and easy eye make-up looks to suit each different eye color and compliment your dress :)

WARNING: some images may contain glitter explosives

        Costa Espresso 
 This is a smokey brown look that subtlety blends champagne tones and deep golds to make for a very     natural approach to prom make-up and goes beautifully with brown eyes. This look is super versatile and can softly compliment a long red gown, deep purples and taupe s.

        Under 'da Sea

So this one is perfectly suited to blue and hazel eyes! The sea foam greens and blue toned taupe's work together in perfect harmony and I couldn't help but add some sparkle as it is prom! This is actually rather soft and subtle on the eyes from a far so don't worry you don't look like a drag queen :) I think this would go beautifully with a light blue dress!

     Fairy Dust

Ok so this one is NOT for the faint hearted and admittedly one of the most outrageous! However if your up for a bit of va-va voom to excite a plain dress then perhaps this is the one!! Begin with your lilac base and blend a deep purple into crease and flick up and out (like a cat!) meoww :) Then go wild with glitter liner and you're good to go! This also looks amaze on brown eyes too!!


  • Pile on your mascara but AVOID CLUMPS
  • AVOID liquid or gel eye liners as they cause a huge mess if go wrong!!
  • Try using pencil liner as this can be smudged for a more natural look
  • Apply concealer after eyes to clean up
  • PRIME!!
  • If you don't fancy eye shadow use mascara and liner to your advantage
  • NO TIME!? >>> swish on some Maybelline Colour tattoo :) 
   Thanks guys!
Have a lovely promenade :) 


  1. These are such great looks! I wish this post was around when I went to prom

  2. WOW the eyemakeup! <3 great post, just followed xx

  3. Really love the under 'da sea look! It really compliments your eye colour :)

    Ayla x