Friday, January 4, 2013

Lipstick spectrum

Lipstick colour- what will suit me?

Are you the one that owns ten sticks of lippy? Never know which one to wear or which one suits your skin complexion? Well we are here to help with our spectrum of lipstick colours paired with our vital lip tips!

Colour: Nude


Skin type: Fair skin is the perfect match for this colour! Nude colours look amazing against your complexion as the warm tones are not to heavy looking against a fairer background.

Lip Tip no.1 : People with fair skin will find that dark coloured lipsticks look completely wrong tied in with their complexion; add a hint of gloss to create a more wearable colour.

Colour: Apricot


Skin type: This colour is suited to those with porcelain skin. The colour looks beautifully flattering and works great with your skin type as well as giving off a sophisticated image.

Lip tip no.2: Stretch and tighten lip muscles whilst applying to give an all round even look.

Colour: Sugar pink


Skin type: Your skin has to be almost porcelain to pull this colour off. It will look great with a fair complexion as it gives the lips a stained with candy floss effect.

Lip Tip no.3: NEVER wear a light coloured lip stick if you have a dark complexion or very tanned skin it can give an 'ill' effect.

Colour: Hot pink


Skin type: If you have dark olive skin this is the colour for you! Dark, warm colours such as this one complement your skin and retain the healthy looking tones in your face.

Lip Tip no.4 : Before wearing dark coloured lipsticks, define your lips first by outlining them with an ever so slightly lighter lip liner.

Colour: Striking red


Skin type: This is defiantly one for the porcelain club! Although this strong colour can be hard for those with an extremely light complexion to pull off when it is worn well it can look stunning. The red lippy is extremely eye catching but at the same time draws the attention to the perfectly flawless skin!

Lip Tip no.5: Red lipstick can look overpowering if worn casually; day out in town etc. So keeping it to the more occasional of times is best!

Colour: Plum


Skin type: Deep skin complexions work well with this rich colour. It will define your lips and leave them looking healthy and glamourous!

Lip Tip no.5: Use a lip brush when applying this colour for an extra precise looking effect!

Colour: Coffee brown


Skin type: Light olive skin is a great pair for this warm brown. The colour will uplift your original lip tone avoiding the caked on look that a fushia pink would give your skin.

Lip tip no.6 : Carefully Blot with a tissue after lipstick has been applied and maintain the colour by sealing it with a light coating of petroleum jelly.

Colour: Bronze


Skin type : Again this is a colour that looks fab against deep complexions. Slick on a bit of this lippy and your lips will look like they've been touched by a golden goddess! Simply gorgeous!

Lip tip no.7: To fulfil the golden look of this lipstick, add a tad of gold/bronze shimmer or apply a golden glitter based lip gloss!

Hope this has helped you find your perfect lip colour! Comment if you have any successes! :) xx


  1. It's funny, I have what I call a paler than dead complexion (no really, I think my undertone is blue!) but no pinky toned lipsticks look good on me. This completely rules out light pinks, most nudes and apricots. These colour just wash me out, emphasise any darkness under my eyes and make me look ill! I'd love to meet up with a proper make-up artist and find lipsticks that suit me, one day!
    Any advice?

  2. Oh, we're sorry to hear that as the majority of fair skinned people suit warm apricots, sugar pinks and nudes. However, in your case could we recommend the 'benetint' by Benefit as this is quite a subtle shade of red. You can also apply this to your cheeks as well as your lips which would bring a lot of colour to your face leaving you with a healthy glow :)
    Hope this helped!