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"Tell us about you..."

Hello, my little BeauBows! Tori and J are two fashion and beauty bloggers from the heart of rural England and began blogging in the autumn of 2012! And they've been lovin' it ever since!
If you have a love for style and beauty then you have come to the right place as they have all to offer on the latest and greatest!

                                What inspired us to create a blog?

We wanted to share our love for fashion and beauty with others online and inspire lots of girls who also have a passion for fashion (a cheesy cliché!)

What are our signature styles?
J: Well,I suppose my signature style is quite laid back and casual yet has girly vibe. In the winter I love to wear my leather boots with long, warm socks or leg warmers. 
TORI: Again, I also don't have the typical signature style but I love to incorporate the
latest trends to fit with my look (casually comfy yet stylishly sophisticated!) 

What would we say are our fashion fiends?
J: This question,I can answer in a split second. UGG BOOTS!I absolutely HATE UGG boots! 
TORI: I have a huge phobia of diamond encrusted Paul Boutique bags (i know this is a controversial statement, so sorry guys!) :S

 Who is our style inspiration? 
Our style icon is Kate Middleton (The Duchess of Cambridge) We LOVE her classy and feminine style, she never fails to look perfect! <3

Our hair, make-up or fashion? (only 1)!!
TORI: I would have to choose fashion!! Even though I would hate to lose the others!
J: Hmmm... I'm going to have to agree with you there, Tori! Yep, Fashion all the way! (despite the devastating loss) 

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