Saturday, March 30, 2013

A little Shopping Trip

A hearty hello and a Happy Easter :) Today, J and I took a small visit to town for some retail therapy and indulged in one or two shops along the way. While also picking up a few bits and bobs we also took some savvy snaps to show you all so hope you enjoy :D

These vintage blouses are so feminine and beautiful! Do excuse this upcoming cheesy remark but I cant help but imagine a youthful girl with soft fair skin and long light hair running majestically through a meadow wearing one of these weightless blouses! haha!
A rather wooly winter look we thought but would definatley look cute in the hair :)
This dragonfly necklace is certainly a statement but a dainty one at that. The gentle wings embody a beautiful floral print with metal detailing adding an edgy and rustic touch ;) This would look wonderful with a white blouse.
Cupcakes have really become trendy, whether it be hanging from a pendant chain or embellished onto bracelets and it can really add a girly touch to an outfit but don't go to over board on this look as can sometimes it can take years of you making you look like a confused child! We hope you notice the little bow right there! ;)
I think using any vintage teacup is such a cute and savvy way to display and store your bits of jewellery. Any rose gold rings and dainty little bracelets will look o'so sweet in here and you can easily just grab and go :)


Thanks guys :)

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