Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hair Spring-spiration

Ello! <3

So, as the nights are getting longer and the spring is finally beginning to flaunt itself, I decided it would be a good time to share with you some of my favourite hairstyles :) I'm sorry to say that I haven't actually taken these piccies myself however I have been surfing the interwebs for inspiration! Yet, have no fear because we will most defiantly be doing all our own styles and taking some snaps nearer the Summer time as we have alot planned! hehe
I hope this encourages you all to make your hair your main accessory this season ;) <3

Floral headbands are certainly going to be a staple piece for me this season :) I love the casual simplicity of having blushes of little flowers running through my tresses. I would describe it as a quite bohemian look which I love especially for the summer months and I plan to pair these with baggy tops and maxi skirts.
Some of you may think this looks a little "skanky" :S But even though I may not be quite brave enough to rock this, I love how this looks on others! As well as being a great DIY project (grab a few feathers, beads and string!) I think it adds a cool, boho vibe to natural hair.
This girls red locks suit this style down to the ground and I personally wear relaxed wave ssuch as these, quite alot. Its easy to recreate these heatless by just sleeping in a long braid :) I'm also in love with the fringe (bangs if your in the US)
This hairstyle is so pretty and looks fairly intricate and fiddly for me! haha :) It reminds me of a roman goddess! Im just wondering whether that wreath she is holding is like a headband !
Stepping away from the very boho theme I have created, I introduce to you this classic style that I enjoy to wear quite alot! I love a slouchy bun but mine never really turns out as well as hers. Im also quite enchanted by her retro sunnies :D
I hope you love these as much as me and come back soon!


  1. I absolutely love the relaxed wave look!! Really pretty!

  2. Its gorgeous isn't it! straightening isn't always the way! xx