Thursday, March 28, 2013

Designer or high street : who do you support?

Are you one for splashing out on the latest designer bag? Or are you the complete opposite and love a good bargain in your local boutique? Personally, I am one for high street wear as you can find some great items lurking amongst their rails but at the same time they are dirt cheap compared to todays designer range!
My post today has been inspired by Goks clothes show (of which has been shown previously on chanel 4) To prove that designer wear is mostly only expensive due to the label it bears.

Which of the following is designer and which of the following is from a highstreet shop? See if you have the eye for expensive clothing!!

Bearing in mind one of these costs £1,200 and the other costs a measly £39.99 which one would YOU place in the windows of harrods? Which one do you think is the bank breaker?

Yep, they're both a beautiful tone of baby pink with extremely similar intricate patterning across the brogue... however, which one do you think is costed at a jaw dropping £486.5 whilst the other sells at a  slightly pricey yet much more affordable £45 !!!! 

With one priced at a humongous £325 and the other at an amazingly fair price of £17.... can you tell the designer over high street?

£26 or £199 ? What price would you pay ? Personally, I can hardly tell the difference! Which one do you think owns the designer price?

Come on! Look at these two trenches! They're almost identical! But trust me their prices are far from identical with one displaying a price tag with £2449.92 and the other modestly hanging on the £34.99 clothes rail... Which one is which though?

Hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post today and please comment your thoughts on which is designer and which is from a high street shop below :)



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