Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What beauty products are lurking amongst my dressing table?

Hi everyone! 

I'm back! My exams are finished and I can't wait to do a bit of posting! It feels like it has been ages since I last posted so I just wanted to say thank you for all our readers who have stayed with us through our time of absence! :) Anyway... on with todays post !

Ok, i'm sure at least some of you have a messy dressing table like me! I warn you... mine is VERY messy! So whilst you excuse the mess I would like to show you some of my fave beauty products of which fester amongst my array of bottles, pots and bags of cosmetic crazyness! 

First of all I would like to apologise for the dressing table pic-the lighting is RUBBISH in my room! Ok first we have my legendary straighteners, they may not be any fancy make but 'wet2straight' straighteners do the trick for me! You can adjust the temperature to whatever heat suits your hair best not to mention the fact you can dry your hair with them at the same time as straightening; the clues in the name guys!
This is no hoax! This really does exist ! Ben and Jerry's lip balm- I kid you not! With a texture that is smoother than silk and a taste like it's come straight from the freezer- well, could life get any better? I completely recommend this lip-balm-tastic cosmetic to everyone! Its great to have on you in the middle of maths when your feeling on the peckish side! (just to be clear this isn't an edible product. But hay ho- who cares! :0  )

I <3 this perfume. Taking pride of place on my dressing table 'zara girls' smells like fresh cotton with a hint of sweet sugar! Spritz on a bit and you'll be smellin' fresh as can be! :) 

I could not live with out this- NO JOKE. I use it every single night without fail-without fail I repeat! Its thick consistency is so nourishing the facial skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth in the morning! one word to describe it? LUSH<3

Before this tube of goodness entered my life I was constantly stressed about split ends and dry looking hair! But now I feel confident that I can use as much heat as I want on my hair without the heat damaging after effects coming to haunt me! 

This is a total essential of mine. It may be small but it sure has a big impact on my everyday life! Trust me with out the help of this my eyebrows would run wild- literally! If your like me and have thick, un-controllable eyebrows this special lil' thing is the item you are unknowingly yearning for! 


And finally, it may seem obvious but no girl is complete without a hoard of these lurking in one of their dressing table draws. Its alway handy to be loaded with grips/bobby pins (whatever you want to call them)! We all know what its like to have one of those strands of hair that just wont stop annoying you! You can get a small yet compact container of grips from claires for 50p ! I know total bargain and then you can be sure that you'll never run short! :) 

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed! 


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