Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flutter those lashes!


Hi everyone! Tori here!
Today I'm talking about LASHES and unless you have naturally perfect flutterbies (A made up word for lashes!) then I'm pretty certain you will want to know all the tips and tricks to getting them to appear longer, fuller and thicker! I know I certainly am!

I am most defiantly a girl who loves her mascara and I wont leave the house without it on. It makes me feel a lot more confident for some reason! J is pretty much blessed with her beautiful long dark "flutterbies" (lucky gal!) and so most days she can go without or just apply a little to accentuate!
I have been on a long mission to find any way at all to help make my fine, light lashes looking ten times better and I think Ive found the perfect weapon!

After having been applying Vaseline to my lashes and brows for a while I realised it did the job but not to a huge extent and so just left them for a couple of months.

So allow me to introduce to you guys my new fav find! I recently was given this as a gift and was thrilled to see a product that focused on lashes and brows and when i tried it, I was so pleased with the results!

This is the Double Lash from the Swedish brand MAVALA and claims to improve the length, strength and density of your lashes and brows and also promises to double to length (well, as the name suggests!) But I have to say this really did live up to expectations and love the idea of caring for your brows and lashes in the same way as hair or skin ;) Alot of people forget they are there really but I would recommend this If you find your lashes are short, fine or sparse as it really does improve the appearance of the eyes!

Thanks for reading guys!!


  1. I thought mavala only had nail polishes. I didn't know they also had lash products :)

  2. Nice where did you buy it? Do you know if its available om main land Europe? xoxo

    1. Well this was actually a gift so could'nt say sorry! But I know you can buy online :) xxx

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    1. Hi! Aw thankyou and thanks for the subscribe! Of course we will! keep reading x