Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blaze Craze!

So, I was thinking; *what shall I post about today? shoes.... naahhh, an OOTD? too predictable.... maybe a review... but then what can I review? :/* but then it came to me! Blazers! I've got to say, I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to these smart yet casual wardrobe fillers! Blazers are the perfect clothing item to jazz up an old pair of jeans or a plain tee and can really change an outfit from drab to fab! Here are just a few of my favourites.....

I <3 this stripy bundle of gorgeousness! I wear it with navy jeans, coral vest top and my pair of bead embellished coral pumps. It is a real asset to my wardrobe ;you can wear it for really casual events with your jeans or super formal events with a knee length skirt! 

This one, I got for christmas a couple of years ago but its still top in the ranking! The contrasting blues, greens,creams and reds give me the oppertunity to pair it with almost any outfit. How would I 
 describe it? Umm... FASHION GOLD DUST; a rare and unique piece of clothing! Cheesy but true! 

This day and age is all about the tweed. Tweed, tweed, tweed and more tweed! I love this blazer because it looks so authentic and the colours; beiges and browns are just so me! If you want this gorge jacket get yourself down to Zara now! 

And finally, we have a splash of colour to brighten the page! This striped senorita has travelled all the way from sunny spain to the depths of my cupboard! When I saw this I needed to own it... when I say need, I mean NEED. So if your sitting there trying to pull the blazer from the picture into your wardrobe, its not going to happen! So I suggest... you grab the next flight to cadiz!

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked the pics and commentry!
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  1. My favourite is the first one but all of them are nice :)

  2. aw :) yeah, it has a nice 'sailory' kind of look to it!!! (if thats even a word :s ! )