Friday, February 22, 2013

Beau and Bows fashion quiz!

Hello everyone! Hope you've had a great week! Today, I felt like doing a slightly different post. I have made a quiz for you to take part in! It's just something a bit different and I felt you might enjoy reading and answering! Answer A B or C and make sure you keep count as we have a little analysing of your fashion personality at the end! 

1) You've been invited to go for a coffee in town with a friend, do you...

a) wear a pretty skirt and top
b) wear your favourite jeans, shirt and scarf
c) decide its too casual to dress up and wear your trackies, wellies and jumper

2) Your in a jewelery shop and in desperate need of a new necklace to match your plain black number, do you...

a) buy the first diamond encrusted item in sight
b) try on a few and decide which you like best
c) find the cheapest item they sell- after all your only going to wear it once in a blue moon!

3) Its absolutely freezing cold, your fingers are numb and you can hardly move your lips-but you've forgotten your hat gloves and scarf.  Do you...

a) pop into the nearest designer shop and buy the most stylish set of a hat, gloves and scarf you can see
b) decide its to cold to go without woolies but theres no point splashing out on some expensive items, so you visit the nearest charity shop and find the warmest knits around!
c) go home, its too cold to be out and besides you have a perfectly fine set of winter warmers at home!

4) Its your best friend's birthday and she's asked you if you want to join her on a shopping spree but oh no! you have no money left :S ! Do you...

a) beg your parents for a some money-after all, you're the best daughter in the world!
b) do a few chores to earn some money
c) decline the offer, there will always be another time!

5) You are painting and suddenly... Oops.... you drop green paint all down your cherished white dress!!!! Do you...

a) buy a new one! what else can you do?
b) decide you'll have to make do it and embellish over the top of the stain with a cluster of silver sequins.
c) throw it in the bin, its no good, so why keep it?

6) Today your flying to LA, its a long plane journey and you need to plan what your going to wear.. do you...

a) dress to impress, diamonds,pearls,stilettos...yes its only a plane journey but your still out in public... hello people??
b)wear something comfy, maybe a pair of comfy leggings and a tee?
c) wear your PJ's- they are sooooo comfy and after all its not a fashion catwalk!

Now add up how many A's, B's and C's you got....

Mostly A's...

You are the fashion queen of the town. You won't let anything and anyone stopping you from buying the latest trend-no matter how expensive it may be! Your known for always looking pristine and never leave the house without your Chanel handbag and lippy!

Mostly B's...

Your chick, cool and trendy but the world isn't over if you don't own jimmy choo's latest stilettos ! If you see a dress you love your prepared to wait until you have enough money to buy it. Your motto is 'just because it's expensive and designer doesn't mean it's stylish' 

Mostly C's...

Your not craaazzzzyy about fashion. Comfort over glam is always the way in your eyes. Whats the point in dressing up when you can be comfortable wearing your trackies and a tee? Trendy clothes are far too expensive these days! ''what's Ted Baker??''

Thanks for taking part! Hope it interested you! Please leave a comment on your result below and tell us whether you think it depicts your character! :D 

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