Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Perfect Winter Skin

Winter Skin Emergancies!

Its so important that we look after our skin during this time of year! Its being beaten by bitter winds, dried out by heating on full whack and generally being bashed by the cold!

I have come to the rescue with some great products that help fight the frost and leave your skin feeling soft, glowing and fresh as daisies! <3

I really enjoy these two LUSH products and they are certainly essentials in my skin care kit! The toner works great for both Summer and Winter because its just SO refreshing and combats the dryness of my skin :D The lip scrub in "Sweet Lips" is basically a great tasting sugar scrub that tastes like chocolate! yum! (oh and it works great too)

I have to say, I dont spend a fortune on my skin care! In fact I  pretty much always go back to this moisturiser from Simple just because it works! I use it twice a day and it leaves my skin feeling soft and beautiful! This one is sure to pull a compliment because your skin will look fabulous ;)

After using the lip scrub and my lips are all big and red, I always follow up with this nourishing lip blam from Nivea :) and it smells so good!

Hopefully you find this useful guys! <3

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