Thursday, December 13, 2012

What a merry mane!

What a merry mane!

We all like to look our best at this festive time of year and its inevitable that our hair plays and important part. So we have a few styles for you to experiment-that are sure to make the heads turn!

1. Rudolfs tail...

This festive french plait looks great with a red winter scarf, french plait your hair from the top of your side parting, all the way round into a low side plait. Pull a piece of hair from the front and grip at the top of your neck :) stunning !

2. The snowball...

This effortlessly stylish messy bun works a treat when having a casual day out in the sparkly snow. Simply, tie your hair back in a loose pony tail, then, scrunch your hair into a small area and tie a hair band around the bun! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

3. The christmas day beau...

Ok, this one may be a bit of an extravaganza BUT its perfect for the big day itself!  The silky bow looks great with polka straight hair and will impress the whole family! First, part your hair into 2 sections, tie each piece of hair into a bun. Now, to exaggerate each side of the bow, grip the top of the bow to your scalp. To finish it off, embellish the bow with a festive grip ( I used a red rose :))

Got any ideas for a festive hairstyle? Comment below, express your creative side.... after all its CHRISTMAS!!!! 

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