Monday, December 31, 2012

Party Time?

The Party Guide: What NOT to do

Its easy to make some fashion or beauty mistakes if maybe you are in a rush for a party and instead of telling what to do, how about some topthings to 100% AVOID before a special occasion....

  • So firstly, you must ensure you dress fits correctly!! When getting all hot and bothered in the changing room the importance of making sure the dress is perfect can sometimes go a miss! Make sure you are happy with the fit, cut and colour (and certainly don't buy it for the sake of it!)

  • If you've decided you want a little bit of colour to trick everyone into thinking you've been away for Christmas, then you may want to consider the following..... Please make sure that your tan is not patchy or too orange! This will totally give it away so why not use an exfoliator and moisturiser before hand! Also, I would tan a few days before in case it goes wrong, it has time to fade/scrub of!!!

  • Your make-up must flatter you and your outfit and so choosing the right colours is crucial! It can in fact make or break an out fit so here are some looks to avoid!
-Big, fat false eyelashes!..... You will basically look like Katie Price :S
-Foundation Line/Colour mismatch..... Well need I say more.... We will all know its fake!
-Light Lipsticks....This will make your teeth appear yellow and your face look ill!
-Too much Bronzer/Blusher.... Your skin will most probably look like a glittery orange mess!
-Too much eyeshadow.... You will look over done and will age you by about 10 years!
-Too much highlighter.... This will make you look far too shiny and glowy.

  • Shoes that you can walk in!!!!! An awful look on girls if they end up walking like someone on stilts.....

  • Make sure your Barnett is not too big and poofy, flat and frumpy or as fake as the eye can see
Some good styles for parties include....
-Leaving your damp hair in plaits or buns to leave beautiful natural curls
-Curling your hair with the curling iron and a little bitta hairspray!
-An elegant updo! Maybe add a clip or corsage?
-Gorgeous shiny straight hair is so beautiful
-And for shorter hair... Try getting it big and voluminous and add in some waves.

  • If your painting your nails make sure you sit still and do nothing because if you smudge or chip them before going out you will end up very angry!! Not pretty is it??!!

  • Finally, NEVER be unconfident when you walk into a party! Always have the ability to make your self appear happy and friendly! This will complete your outfit! Hehe

                              Thanks alo for redaing and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR (2013)


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