Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Favourites

Tori's Favourites of 2012 <3

After a great year of 2012 (which will end tonight!) I have accumulated a vast amount of things that I have become some of my favourites right from the snow in February to the Summers of July !

And so here they are....

Favourite Body/Skin Product

This is my favourite because as you guys may already know, Im obsessed with Soap and Glory and this just smells divine and leaves m hand feeling velvet smooth!
Favourite Face Product
This is amazing, simply for the fact I've used it all year for it working so well!! Its actually more designed for very dry skin or eczema however I think it works just as well on my skin.
Favourite Nail Product


Well, I've included this in a post before and to reiterate how good it is, its now a favourite! Just an amazing classic berry red! I even wear red in the summer!
Favourite Lip Product
Ive been using this lip balm for 2 years now, because its super duper moisturising and leaves a beautiful natural pink shine to the lips <3
Favourite Accessory

These two Pandora rings also appeared in a recent post , but these genuinely are my favourite accessories. I absolutely love them and they have remained on my fingers everyday of the year!
Favourite Shoes

My navy  and pink converse were certainly a must for me this year!! I wore them nearly everyday in the summer and they even look great in Winter with my skinny jeans! <3
Favourite TV show/Film

OMG I love Miranda! Such a funny show and I totally recommend this!
Favourite Book
My two favourite reads of the year! Goks autobiography was so interesting and I actually could not put it down! Hes a really good writer and has a lot f great stories to tell! And I was subscribed to Vogue since last February and so has become a monthly read!! <3
Favourite Beverage

The Costa Iced Vanilla Latte is probably my favourite drink of the year and certainly my summer beverage! I also love the Gingerbread latte but I think this one is my most drunken!
Thanks so much for reading!! I tag J to do this tag and we both hope you have a very HAPPY 2013!!

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