Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 favourites 2

J's Favourites of 2012 <3
This has been a hard pick Tori! I love every single beauty product of mine and its so hard to favouritise but here goes....

                                        Favourite Body/Skin Product
     Like Tori, I absolutely <3 soap and glory! The smell is divine and there's nothing better than
 sloshing on a bit of that 'The righteous butter'
 (body butter) So, yep this is defo my fav body product! :)

Favourite Face Product

I cleanse my face every morning and every night without fail, so until this little beauty I was always on the go,
trying to find a cleanser that would suit my skin type and at the same time easy to apply and rinse away. I found it! 
the body shops aloe gentle facial wash is a gentle foam that cleanses away every scrap of grime!

Favourite nail product

To be honest, you can't really see the true colour of this nail varnish in this piccy :S Its a lovely nude 
colour that goes with everything I wear- that's why I like it so much!

 Favourite Lip Product

I've got to say, I owe a lot to this pocket size essential this year! I have worn it every
single day! When you first apply it makes your lips feel cold and It stays
on for aggggeeesss! If any one is interested it is called 'BUXOM'  ( I deeply recommend it) 

Favourite Accessory

Well this one gives me no chore to think of! My pandora all the way! 

 Favourite Shoes

These are 100% my favourite shoes of the year! I got them last christmas and loved 
em' ever since! They look so nice with a skirt or dress or even with ya' 
old jeans! 

Favourite TV show/Film

I am a HUGE corrie fan.... I say no more ....
Favourite Book

 I don't really have a fav book, so I thought I'd display to you the mag that I am OBSESSED with- company! I 
buy it every month and it never fails to please me!
Favourite Beverage

Don't get me wrong I love costa's gingerbread latte but when it comes to choosing my 
favourite beverage, I've got to support me good old cuppa' tea!
Morning, noon or evening- anytime is right! Not
to mention the fact that I have 6 cups a day :S
Share some favourites with me? Comment below! Hope you liked reading and 

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