Monday, December 31, 2012

New years eve STRESS!

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Ok, so its new years eve, your going to a party tonight, one problem-you have no dress?! Oh no! Ok, this is a MAJOR disaster ! Or is it? Check out some of our tips below to help you dress up the outfit you've had for yonks, the outfit that everyone has already seen, the outfit that hangs there gathering dust at back of your wardrobe. This outfit will be TRANSFORMED!

1. The belt trick: check THOROUGHLY through your wardrobe. Do you have an old dress that you thinks boring and needs a bit of pizzaz?
The dress above was an old blue striped dress of mine. Here Tori accessorises it with a bright red glossed belt. This adds a splash of colour to the dress as well as tapering in the waistline giving a 1950s look.

2. Bring the attention to the hair: Ok, if your outfit isn't the greatest then whats to say your hair can't be? Bring the attention to your hair, add an accessory, why not tie it up in a eye-catching messy bun?
Here Tori ties her hair in a messy bun and accessorises it with a real lilly flower. If you don't have real nature available why not add a faux flower- after all, its all about the faux!
3. Make a statement: If you have a boring black dress that doesn't shout 'NEW YEARS EVE' why not add a pair of statement earrings? Jazz up a black dress with a pair of those beauties and your fashion stress is over ! Trust me!

I saw these on the internet and just had to share them with you! If you wore these to any party with any plain dress you would look fan-dabi-dozi! They are bound to add a splash of the colour you need and a bit of glitz too!

4. Make it up! : We all like to wear a bit of make up on new years eve don't we? However if your wearing a brand new dress, sometimes it can look a bit over the top with all the sparkles and colours caked onto your eyes. BUT if your wearing your old plain dress theres nothing better than drawing all the attention to your eyes. Add glitter, colour, eyeliner... everything!

As you have seen in  previous post, this eye is all about the glitter and the colour yet sophistication ! Perfect for a new years eve night out!

5.Kick it: Its all about the shoes, the killer heel, the bright colours and the pure wow-factor! Accesorize your outfit with an amazing pair of shoes, a pair that you know will make the crowd go 'WOW'

(sorry about the picture) these are my favourite shoes! They look super nice with any black dress! They have a small heel and dainty straps :) They make me feel like dorothy (off the wizard of ozz) when I wear them !

Thanks for reading :) Hope you enjoyed xx 

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