Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Soap and Glory Story

Soap & Glory is certainly the BEST beauty brand you can buy on the high street and deserves a mention on our blog! <3

Gift sets such as these make perfect gifts for your girlfriends at school or in the office :) they have everything from hand creams to body washes! and they not only work but smell amazing! So amazing, I've asked Father Christmas for the "Original Pink" Eau De Toilette perfume this year!

This "Small Wonders" gift set is a perfect prezzie! Comes complete with 5 miniature products (great for travellers!) the hand food which is absolutely beautiful, a body scrub great for flaky days, a frothy shower gel, the righteous body butter and a shower puff to ice the cake!!! WHY WOULDN'T YOU?
I believe this is priced at £10 (without the 2 for 3 deal) available in Boots :)

This is one of my most favourite body butter ever! Its smells out of this world! Creamy, pink, moisturising and sinks in to the skin so quickly! This is available at Boots for around the £10 mark depending on deals! <3

Each of these signature Soap&Glory Body Mists scents are all fabulous!! Each having a unique fragrance that can suit any occasion! These are branded as "Body Mists" but I just use them as a perfume to be honest! They are the perfect handbag size as well but I couldn't tell you the price as they were a gift :)


If you want to find out more about Soap and Glory head on to thier site or follow them on twitter @SoapandGlory
Hope you enjoyed the post!

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