Thursday, December 20, 2012

Natural Beauties ❤πŸŽ€

Just because we blog about fashion, make up and hair does not mean we don't love natural beauty and BeauandBows are here to prove ANYONE can look their best no matter what..... providing you follow our fantastical tips! :D



The very first rule of natural beauty is to first off, make sure your skin is the best it can be! We understand there are many different skin types out there from spot prone, dry and flaky to those with perfect complexions, however you MUST find the best products to suit you <3
A morning and nightime skin care routine is really important so just follow these steps...

1) In the morning before school or work make sure you invest time to wash your face with a facial wash to prevent blackheads and keep the skin fresh and squeaky clean!
2) Follow up with a gentle toner and then moisturise ready for make up! <3
3) Before bedtime ALWAYS make sure every scrap of foundation, concealer or mascara is taken off your face! Leaving make up on will block your pores and prevent the skin to breathe.
4) If you have particularly spot prone skin you may wish to use a spot treatment to help reduce blemishes ;)
5) Lastly follow up with a moisturiser so keep skin glowing and super silky! :)

Make Up

Make up makes us all feel that little more confident and so banning it completely would make some of us feel a little nervous! So if your going to wear some make sure you keep these top tips in mind to look as natural as milk and honey! :D

1) You really only need foundation or concealer where you want to cover blemishes so avoid the temptation of putting it all over the skin as this looks quite fake! YOU MUST make your the colour match is right else you will look very patchy! (not good)
2) Wear a brown mascara for a more natural look and certainly don't layer it on so they look clumpy!
3) If you have oily skin wear a pretty powder to conceal oily patches (This is what I have to do!)
4) Finish of with a peachy pink gloss and trust me you will feel fabulously fresh and elegant!


To ensure your locks are in tip top condition and your brows are brow-tiful then have quick look at these tips to help guide your in the right direction to avoid those hairy situations!!

1) Tweeze your eyebrows only to enhance them! PLEASE girls never over pluck! This is such a bad look and its not worth the pain! To enhance your natural eyebrow shape use this diagram to help you pick out the Angles and dangles!

The start of your brow should correspond vertically with the side of your nose. The arch should be diagonal with the side of your nose and the end of your brow should meet diagonally with
the side of your nose too.

2) Use the right Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair and see our last post for more information on our selected favourites!
If you dye your hair (not very natural!) but we can forgive as long its not a crazy colour! Make sure your hair is well kept if it is dyed as this dries out the hair so you will need to keep it moisturised and shiny!
Try hairstyles that don't use much heat styling as this damages the hair hugely! Try messy buns, ponytails, waves or just leave it how it is! If you have crazy curls that just cant be tamed without products then go ahead and use em! Whose stopping you! after all even the most natural of people need their frizz control sprays! hehe :)
Keep your hair washed regular and have good trims :) and your good to go!

Top 7 little secrets..... shhhhh

Vaseline is an amazing thing to have in your make up bag! Use each night on eyebrows and lashes to gradually darken the hairs and keep them in place.
Mix brown sugar, lime and olive oil as a cheap alternative to lip scrub! Great to soften lips and eliminate scabby skin :) 

Try using a whitening toothpaste on spots! Put a blob on the spot before bed to help reduce redness and spot size.

If you have run out of dry shampoo and have an oily spot on the scalp you can use baby powder to absorb the greasiness :) DONT use too much else you will have a white patch!


If you happen to come across those winter flaky feet... then why not take the Cleopatra approach and bathe them in milk! It actually works! The milk contains chemicals that naturally soften and cleanse skin.


Pop your hair in plaits or a bun at night to get those beautiful beachy waves when you wake up! No time wasted using curling irons and reduces heat damage!


This is the most important tip of all because its what shines through all of the skincare, hair and make up! If you take away anything from this post please remember that we all have days when we feel "ugly" because we have an unsightly pimple on the end of our nose or our hair is horrible, but 99% of people will probably never notice if you are feeling great! :D

Thanks for reading guys

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