Thursday, December 20, 2012

And the winner of the shampoo factor 2012 is....

Rivalry on the bathroom shelf 

Have you got a shampoo that you know,love and use all the time? Do you often ask yourself... Herbal essences or l'oreal ? Do you feel a bit stuck when you are standing infront of shelves and shelves of shampoo all different scents, colours, sizes and brands? Well, hopefully those days will be over after a little read of our shampoo reviews...

Breif: First up, we have 'DADDY-O' by lush. This shampoo you wouldn't find on the shelves of your local boots store, so you might have to travel further a field to find this bottle of georgousness! This shampoo  specialises in getting rid of the yellow 'look' in blonde and grey hair-but don't take this too literrally, brunettes can use it too!
Scent: Smells of violets, with a hint of lavender <3
Disadvantages: The smell can become a tad over powering after a bit of time, the purpleness of the shampoo tends to temporarily stain your hands and dye your bath!

Breif: Now, we have 'soft & silky' by Charles Worthington. This Unusually shaped, cream and pink, with mirrored lid, shampoo bottle is bound to look great amongst any bathroom. This one is a bit easier to find than 'DADDY-O' and is sold in boots, superdrug and many other health and beauty stores... and it does what it says on the packet ... makes your hair soft and silky !
Scent: The bottle says it smells of orchids and white truffle(<what ever that is!) but seeing as I have never smelt either I think it smells like freshly cut roses and it certainly leaves your hair smelling of the flower for at least two days after!
Disadvantages: Quite a cost of £5.19 (from superdrug)

Brief: This crimson red bottle of shampoo is called 'full repair' by JOHN FREIDA.  Its main aim  is to protect hair open to heat and reduce the appearance of damaged looking hair. 
Scent: Oranges (quite a citrussy aroma) 
Disadvantages: Doesn't smell very natural and its quite harsh on your scalp (strong ingredients?)

Brief: This small but elegant essential works wonders on your hair! Its petite yet classy bottle looks sophisticated perched on your bathroom shelf... and...... it does its job perfectly-leaves your hair looking squeaky clean!
Scent: It is hard to capture the exact scent of this shampoo but if i think hard and try to extract the individual components in this i'm sure they would be...lemon, some kind of wood? and maybe a hint of lily :S !
Disadvantages: This little bottle runs out as fast as you can say QUERCUS! Also, the lid is almost impossible to open! (below is my second bottle ... not looking forward to the hardships of opening it!)

Brief: Pink, tall and cheap... what more could you want? l'Oreal Elvive's 'Nutri-gloss shine shampoo' is my fav of elvives shampoos so far! The shampoo itself is pink- this must be the best thing since sliced bread! 
Scent: defiantly freesia (a sweet smelling flower -if you didn't know) - absolutely divine <3
Disadvantages: ummmmmmm.... not really sure!

And the winner is....... (trumpets play: duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh daaaahhhhhhh) ........ 
                              l'Oreal Elvive's nutri-gloss shine shampoo
I've got to say I left the best till last (and that was not on purpose) at a decent cost of £3.99 from boots this is defiantly a shampoo worth investing in :) This is a shampoo that definitely should NOT gather dust on the shelves of your local supermarket!
           Thanks for reading! Hope you found me yabbering on about shampoos interesting!!!
                                                    Comment if you wish :) x 

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