Sunday, February 17, 2013

Business Cards

What do you guys think?

Hi guyz!

Today we thought we would make a post, explaining to you about where we are on our blogging journey!
As you may know, J and I began this little blog in November of 2012 with one million fresh ideas and some real ambition! We are still oozing enthusiasm for our blog but we are very much one small fish in a very big pond! In fact bigger than a pond.... its more of an ocean. We put 100% into this little website and we want it too take off the ground like a giant rocket!! but we need your help to assist in raising awareness of our fab fashion blog!!

Just as a sneak peak we thought we would show you some of our new business cards we made and ask you what you thought of them? They are not the final ones, so any of your ideas from your creative minds would be great!

Me and J just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate anyone who reads our blog or leaves nice comments :) We hope that you stick with us and be a part of our little journey!
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