Monday, December 24, 2012

The Christmas tag

BeauandBows Christmas Tag Tori <3

1)What's your favourite christmas movie?
My favourite chistmas flick has to be Fred Claus! Such as cool family film!

2)Favourite Christmas colours?
OMG! Glittery crimson and gold! A beautifully classic combo! <3 (especially on my nails)

3)Stay in PJ's on Christmas day or dress up?
In the morning Im PJ's all the way, however I like to dress up a bit for the afternoon! Although I'd probably stay comfy in my jama's if I could!

4)If you could only but one person a present, who would it be?
J of course!!! LOL :)

5)Open prezzies on christmas eve or morning?
CHRISTMAS DAY OFCOURSE!! Who opens them on Christmas Eve???

6)Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
Yep!! Twice! I was bought a kit for Christmas, and it lasts for ages so I built it the next year! But neve ate it :P

7)What do you do in the Christmas holidays?
BLOG!!! I love christmas shopping, baking and decorating the house preparing for the festivities!

8)Christmas Starbucks drink?
I usually go to Costa but my fav chrsitmas drink is the Gingerbread latte! So yummy!

9)Favourite Christmas smell?
Cinnamon!!!!!!!! OMG my fav! And also orange and clove :p

10)Favourite Christmas treat?
Theres not much I dont eat at Christmas that I dont the rest of the year BUT J2o glitter berry is the only exception!!! So tasty!
Thanks for reading and I tag J do these questions!! :)

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