Sunday, December 23, 2012


Smoothies, nail-paint 'n' crazy shopping 

Yesterday, I went shopping for my sisters birthday shopping spree :) we had our nails painted, drank smoothies and of course shopped till we dropped... here are a few pics...

Enjoying this citrussy smoothie whilst waiting for my nails to dry!! What do you think of the pattern: pink flowers, pink background with white dots.... VERY girly? I THINK SO!

All of our nails together... which ones your favourite? :) 

LOVE these Dr Martens! Unfortunately, my purse doesn't hold that much cash otherwise they would be sitting in my cupboard right now! <3

...and the naff versions (Dr Marten STYLE!) Not sure if i'm too keen on the white fur lining paired with the neon pink...hmmmm.... :/ (sorry, to those who like them... each to their own!)

WOW! look at these sparkles! Not sure I would wear them... not really my style...I mean look at that heel... surely they're not legal!

At the end of the day... YEP we definitely shopped till we dropped :)

 Hope you enjoyed the read :) thanks

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