Sunday, December 23, 2012

Scarf you ok????

Yet again BeauandBows have another thing to share with you all!! Here are some of my favourite winter fashion scarves! Now, these arnt my winter woolly scarves but are great little accessories to wear to instantly jazz up an outfit! I am wearing my plain cream knitted jumper but scarves look great with anything so don't be afraid!

Thi slight grey scarf from Wild Heart is a fairly different pattern than I would usually go for however I find it really intersting and the colours are very matchable. I love the mix of grey and brown and this is a cuddly warm scarf! This is a very casual accessory which makes it really great for everyday wear!
I picked up this scarf in Primark and I'm not usually a fan of their scarf range but this year I found plenty that I really liked! I didn't even know these were skulls until I got home, as I thought that is was just simply a floral pattern! Well what dya know! I realise now how obvious this is but in the heat of shopping minor details tend to go a miss!
I wear this scarf so much!! Its from New Look and I wear it so much because its the perfect colour! It appears quite grey but has a violet-ly tone in certain light which compliments brown so well! The tassels on the scarf are very pretty as well and its soooo cosy and snugly!!
Ok, so I'm beginning to notice a pattern in colours!! Well, I admit that I really do tend to wear more neutral colours! But i really like the way they match so much and this scarf is no exception. I love the Lacy detail and is a cute lightweight scarf.... (but not very warm)
This scarf is from Zara and reminds me of autumn!! The colours are so warm and cosy!

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thanks for reading guys
Merry Chrsitmas