Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eye style

Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with... PARTAAY!

At this time of year, theres loads of parties to attend but its always the same questions you ask yourself... what eye makeup shall I wear? what will match my dress? Well, don't get stressed about it because we have 3 amazing eye makeup styles for you that'll definitely make you stand out from the crowd! :)

Our first gorgeous eye-style we have for you is called the 'champagne&violets' I decided to call it this because it has stunning sparkling tones of gold;which reminded me of the glistening bubbles in champagne and rich shades of violet! I think this eye-makeup is PERFECT for any christmas party and for me has the complete WOW-factor!

How to replicate?
1. Firstly, apply a rosy coloured eyeshadow as a base (pinky powder blusher will do if there is no eyeshadow available)

2. Now using a eyeshadow brush apply the purple coloured eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye (making sure you gently fade it into the pink base)

3. Take a gold sparkly liquid eyeliner and with precision line the outer eye-ensuring you meet the waterline.
5. Apply black mascara :) 

Suited eye colour/s: Blue or green.

Our second eye-makeup today is called 'smart smoke' This eye makeup looks classy anytime of the year and looks exceptionally smart and professional in the office:) I've got to say its one of my fav as its so simple yet so sophisticated!

How to replicate?

1. Firstly, apply a light grey eyeshadow as a base.

2. Secondly, Using jet black eyeshadow apply to the lower eyelid, the crease of the eye ( in almost a side on 'v' shape) carrying it through to the under eye. Gently blend the black into the light grey.

3. With white eyeshadow apply to the inner corner of the eye ( this didn't show up on the photo, sorry :S) 

4. Finally, apply mascara to accentuate the length of the eyelashes. 

Suited eye colour/s: hazel, brown or green. 

Our last eye I have called 'paparazzi f-lashes' This is 100% not for the faint hearted! If you love : glitter, fake lashes and pink this is the one for you! Want a bit of essex in your life... LOOK NO FURTHER!

How to replicate?

1. First off, apply a hot pink eyeshadow to your eye ( as a base )

2. Now, using a dark pink eyeliner, line the outer eye.

3. Using eye paste (a kind of eye glue) dab the outmost of the eye.

4. With a cotton wool pad carefully apply pink glitter to the paste and slowly gradient it into silver glitter.

5. Apply fake eyelash glue to the set of eyelashes and with care press against the line of your eye lashes ( no mascara needed )

Suited eye colour: Blue or brown.

Thanks for reading, hope you found this useful :) if you try any of these out we would love you to send a pic by comment or twitter to : @beauandbows 

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