Friday, December 28, 2012

Hair horrors...

Have you got Hair hassle?

During the winter days your hair can start to look dull, lifeless and extremely dry.So you straighten it or curl it but it just leaves it looking corse and heat damaged. The summer glow has gone and the winter weather has taken control of your locks. Its time to get those tresses looking healthy again with some of my top hair tips and some of my favourite hair products :)

Tip No.1. 

Problem: The cold air dries my hair out leaving it lacking colour and shine.

Solution:Don't stress! There is a simple way to add a splash of gloss to your hair in just under half an hour! Wash your hair with shampoo as usual, when it comes to adding conditioner, immerse your hair in Kerastase Nutri-Thermique. Personally I love this conditioner, it is really thick and smells gorgeous ( Its my mums and I always borrow it!)

Outcome: Your hair will instantly sparkle and will also brighten your face up- dull looking hair can leave your face looking dull aswell.
Tip No.2.

Problem: The winter chill de-volumises my hair (if thats a word). When its freezing cold outside and I pop on a stylish yet warm hat - unfortunately, hats flatten the volume in my hair, leaving it looking sad :(

Solution: Heres a solution that leaves your hair bouncing with volume every time wash your hair and towel dry it. Plait smallish sized plaits around your head (the amount of plaits depends on the thickness of your hair and how wavy your want your hair to be> small plaits leave smaller waves and can look frizzy on thick hair however bigger plaits leave wider waves and look good on thick hair however can look lanky on fine hair)

Outcome: When taken out in the morning, will leave hair looking full and wavy whilst using no heat! GENIUS! 

Tip No.3

Problem: Split ends are driving me CRAAAAAZYY. But the only way to control that frizz caused by split ends is the straighteners, the curling tongues and the blow dryer! Do you have any tricks up your sleeve?

Solution: `Before you apply heat to your hair; without fail, spritz on a fair amount of Elnett Satin Heat protectant spray evenly onto your hair- no faff !

Outcome: Hair will look silky once straightened and remain healthy when washed and dried naturally-could life get any better ?!

Tip No.4

Problem: Parts of my hair dry frizzy when I let it dry naturally! HELP!

Solution: As per usual, leave your hair to naturally dry. When it is half damp, half wet. Apply a pumps worth of L'Oreal extraordinary oil to the frizzy section of your hair.

Outcome: Frizz will be banished, hair will be replenished !

Tip No.5

Problem: My shampoos are too harsh on my scalp. They leave my hair roots feeling sore is there any shampoo that you can recommend which doesn't contain strong ingredients?

Solution: The well known brand named shampoos may smell amazing but when it comes to the long term, the ingredients can be quite harsh on your hair. However, The body shop has many natural shampoo's for good prices. A favourite of mine is their ginger shampoo. 

Outcome: Although it doesn't leave a lasting smell in your hair, it defiantly leaves your hair feeling clean and well... amazing!


                                          Thanks for reading everyone :) hope this helped x

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