Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas nails

snowy nails

Christmas is approaching fast and I seeing as I am a fanatic about christmas, I thought I'd paint my nails to match this festive season! Ok, their not perfect... but seeing as though I used a kirby grip to paint on the 'snow drops' I think their pretty good!

Here is a simple guide to recreating my sparkly snowdrop nails:

1. Paint your nails with a clear base- any transparent polish will do (doesn't have to be a fancy brand)
2. Wait for the base to dry, then carefully overlay with a bold red nail paint ( I used 'ORLY' simply because it has a thick consistency and dries fairly quickly)
3. Next I put a thin layer of 'BarryM' nail paint of which was red and sparkly (just to give it that christmas kick it needs !!!)
4. Using a kirby grip, a pin, spagetti stick (or something more professional!) with care dot on the white nail polish .... make sure you spread the 'snow' evenly across your nail!
5. And finally put another coat of clear polish over the top to ensure a long lasting snowfall... you don't want the snow to thaw ! NOW WAIT FOR IT TO DRY OR IT WILL SMUDGE!

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