Thursday, April 4, 2013

Advertisments: YAY OR NAY ?

I thought I'd do a post today that kind of linked to Tori's post earlier... soooo... I'm going to discuss fashion and beauty adverts in magazines. Ya know... I thought I would elongate the the magazine trend! Ha! I have picked a few of adverts throughout my 'teen vogue' mag of which snatched a glimpse from my eyes- I'm going to say what I like and don't like about them so don't worry if you don't agree-what I say isn't law (although sometimes I like to think it is!!!! :S)

First of all we have the 'hypnose' mazzi by lancome! The first word that comes to mind when I look at this ad is 'simple'. Now, sometimes simple can under justify the product itself. HOWEVER, in this advert, I think simple works a trick! The main picture (the girl) is wearing a subtle covering of makeup- I think this is good as it doesn't draw your eye away from what the advert is selling but at the same time you can notify the focal feature of the face is the eyes;the mascara frames the eyes therefore making the viewer feel compelled to buy it!
Personal rating: 8/10

Right, this is so wrong! (before I begin to witter on, I realise this may attract some people, so please don't be offended by my views-an opinion is not a fact!)  To me, this advert screams: NAFF! I hate the font the name of the brand is set in: Bright blue and fushia>>>>Clashamondo! The fact that three girls are in the lense crowds the page and your eye doesn't know where to look first. The girls are dressed in about a million shades of the rainbow therefore the clothes item it is selling 'secret wedges' is camouflaged amongst it all! Just NO!
Personal rating: 0.5

I think this advertisement is all about the elegance factor! Warm golds, bronzes with crisp white fonts suggests quality, beauty and delectability in my eyes. The only issue I have with this advert is the fact that you can't really identify that the centre photo is perfume bottle of which has been captured fairly close up. Other than that its a thumbs up with me- plus the fact that I am a sucker for adverts with free samples and sweetly scented tabs ! Hehe :)
Personal rating: 7

THIS is my FAV-OR-ITE advert of the year so far! The metallic colours against a snow white backdrop just fills me with... I don't know... excitment?! I think the idea of wrapping the shadow sticks in translucent yet coloured sweet wrappers is so innovative and catches your eye whilst flicking through your mag! I also like the way the items are captured;they are placed in a random fashion, again giving the look of scattered sweeties <3
Personal rating: 10

Now this is how you rock a colourful ad! I love the photo strip which is casually thrown next to the orderly placed nail varnishes;it makes the image so interesting! I also was enticed my the varnish dripping brush-it is placed between the black background centre advert and the caption beneath with a shadow dropping below, this makes it look as if it is coming out of the page. I think this ones a gooden'
Personal rating: 7.5

Finally, we have good ol' H&M ! Hmmm.. not sure if this ones a fav of mine ... I find the ivy growth overcrowds the spread and makes you feel as if too much is going on in the picture. It took me a while to realise this was an advert bearing the name of H&M-definatly not what an advert aims for!
Personal rating: 5 

Thanks for reading! Hope you didn't get too bored-I know this post was quite a juicy one!


  1. I do agree on your opinions! :) Also, I do love the clinque ad too! haha! xx