Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A handbag esscentual...

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Ok, have we all heard of the beauty brand 'bare esscentuals' ? It's an amazing range of quality make-up products varying from powder foundations to soft natural eye shadows. I love it as all their products never seem to give you that cakey, heavy look of which many make up brands seem to bear. So.... I have decided to do a review on one of their glosses from their beautiful lip gloss range: 'Buxom'. Heard of it? No? Read on...

Look out for this logo in the shops!

The great thing about buxom lip glosses are there are just so many colours to chose from. You'll never get in a keffuffle about being short of choice! 

This is my lovely lippy! As you can see, there is hardly any of the stuff left! I think I need to save up :S 
So what makes it different from the rest? Well, for at least 20 minutes after you apply it makes your lips tingle; almost as if an ice fairy has come along and glazed your lips in ice! It stays on your lips for yonks... Litrally and.. well, its seems to have a gloss incomparable to its rivals! 

 Want the definition of perfection? Buxom lip gloss. Trust me, it won't fail to impress!

Slick on a bit of this and your bound to WOW your friends and family! Only £12.54!!! - I think this is top value for money!

Above is a swatch on my lips I photographed. I use the colour 'AMBER'. I chose this particular colour as I was looking for a casual yet uplifting tone and this one seemed to match exactly what I needed; with a glossy, washed-out pink base paired with subtle golden undertones to give my lips a bit of sparkle. Thats what all us girls need though don't we?! A bit of sparkle!

So if I had to rate this lippy on a scale of 1-10, I think I would say.....


To gain that extra 0.5 it would have to be a incy-wincy bit bigger... but thats just me being picky!

Thanks for reading! I hope this has inspired you to nip to your local makeup store and treat yourself one  of these fab glosses!

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