Saturday, January 5, 2013

The British Guide: How to survive the Hairdressers

Lets be honest, I think its safe to say that the Hairdressers is a place most of us least want to be. Everyone Ive spoken to agrees that a trip to the Hairdressers is never a successful one and is also more of chore. Speaking personally, if it wasn't for the fact Id end up looking like Yettie if I didn't go then I wouldn't go!!
I hate split ends, don't get me wrong! I am also quite composed when the hairdresser in question, gently massages the million dollar shampoo into my scalp but this will not make up for the fact that I usually leave the salon with half of hair missing.

So how do we plan on getting through this palaver.....

1) Before going into the hairdressers, make sure you've pre done your hair in the morning so they can see the type of look you want to leave with. (They usually NEVER take much notice of how you looked as you came in) They just want you to look like how they want you too.

2) Depending on what type of salon you visit, the receptionist (most of the time called something like "Brandi" or "Misha" ) will offer you a spiffing beverage! Always take up on the offer because its included in your bill and its polite... so just do it.

3) Part of going to the hairdressers is that you are going to have to deal with annoying convesations they stir up.
If your a small child you dont get much apart from a trim, a teenager and they ask the most stereotypical questions....

"What school do you go to?"
"What do you want to be?"
"Do you like being pampered?"

It doesnt matter what you say anyway... They couldnt care less and they'll forget who you are the next time you visit so dont worry.

4) If they bother to ask you what you want doing, tell them the opposite as they never seem to understand what you want and end up doing something else.

5) If the hairdresser is causing you pain in any way then I'm afraid your just going to have to grin and bear it! If you feel they are tugging the comb through your tresses or pulling their fingers through your locks pull a face which suggests you are in slight distress ! 

6) If you are somewhat unhappy with the finished outcome, I am afraid you can't say anything, so just go to the car, cry for a while and just hope that it grows back soon !

7) And finally... if you take away one thing from this post ALWAYS make sure you NEVER express your true thoughts on your new hairstyle. Taking a dislike will ruin your future hairdresser visits! 

Good luck! Just keep smiling ! 

Tori & J 

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