Sunday, January 6, 2013

That's the name of the game

I have one BIG pet hate... want me to share it with you? Ok, here goes.... I absolutely Hate (with a capital H) big fat brands written across clothing items in font size 1002 ! Before I start yabbering on, I do realise this is a controversial statement and I know some people like this kinda' style, so if you disagree with what I'm saying please feel free to express your opinion in the comment box below :) 

First we have the 'walking advertisement'. I'm talking about the hoodies, t-shirts and coats that basically scream 'I'm a walking talking advertisement!' The companies name is written in big bold blocked writing across you - there's no subtleness about it! 
Why do I despise this so much? Two things:

A) because there is nothing individual about it. Just because you wear a designer brand that blatantly shouts its a designer brand does not mean you are instantly a fashion goddess- trust me... its quite the opposite!

B) You are falling into the sly trap the company set up. They know you will wear it because its a brand that everyone knows, so by getting you to buy it gives them a free advertisement ;you are walking around town with a big label written across you- the brands are loving this !

The 'trouser text' is when the brand is written in large either down the seam of the leg or across the derriere area! I really do not like this as personally, I think it looks tacky and doesn't give a 'classy' look off. ( again people will disagree to my opinion) 

Now, the 'Branded bag'. Obviously discreetly branded bags can look nice and well...nice! But theres a difference between discreet and plainly obvious ! I dislike the bags that tell the person behind you the place you got it from.... if someone wants to know where you got your bag from they will ask you! You don't need to spell it out for them !!!

Hope you enjoyed reading :) Comment your views...


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