Monday, December 17, 2012

Choccie box fashion...

Which chocolate are you? 

Have you ever compared chocolate to fashion? Well, I certainly haven't , not until today. Whilst tucking into a tin of roses, I began to think- each individual chocolate is unique, some people prefer to play it safe and take a block of dairy milk, whilst others like to be a bit more daring and go for the nut filled choccy!

Who are you amongst the chocolate box?

The plain jane

Your not the most daring person when it comes to fashion, however you always look presentable and have a tasteful yet classic closet!

Style icon: Kate Garraway

The envied one

You have a fashion sense that everyone envies! Casual or formal, you always look classy! Theres not a day when you don't make the effort :)

Style icon: Kate middleton

Quirky but cool 

Your clothing is bound to make heads turn-but in a good way! Your individual style is sure to make people remember you!

Style icon: Lady Gaga

Pink 'n' sweet

You adore any clothing item thats pink! Pink dresses, tops, accessories... you've got it all! If anyone is a girly girl its you!

Style icon: Emma Bunton (Baby spice)


You love nothing more than to walk around town in your wellies, knee padded cords and your wax khaki jacket! You'll always be a country girl!

Style icon: Taylor Swift

Hippie at heart


                         Maxi dresses, multi coloured t-shirts, lots of beaded jewellry... its all
                         you! Your colourful style sense may not be everyones taste but its
                         unique to you and you love it !

                         Style icon: Sienna Miller

Smartie pants

                        You always look smart. Suits, suit you- even when strolling round
                        the high street! Perfection is your middle name!
                        Style icon: Anne Hathaway

                    Tell us what chocolate you are... comment below or tweet us at : @beauandbows
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  1. LOVE this! Such a fun post and well thought out :)

    Came across your blog via Twitter and am hooked already.


    1. Thankyou!!! so sweet! Love your blog aswell! ;) x