Sunday, December 16, 2012

All I want for Christmas... are these products!

If I could only use 4 make up products right now, these would be them! In fact I pretty much do anyway! So let me introduce you to......

The colour supplement from LUSH is an amazing product and this is my second jar. I wear the color light yellow which is a perfect match for me in the winter and the idea of it being a supplement means I can just mix it with my moisturiser on the back of my hand for a very light coverage. I think its really important for people with young skin to never wear high coverage foundations because, honestly I think it leads to spots, blackheads and more trouble than its worth!

My cremeblend blush in "Britwit" from MAC is a super duper blush! It does exactly what it says on the tin! Its blends beautifully on the skin to leave a slight roseiness, as if ive just been out in the cold! Its also a very natural shade which i love <3

The MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in "Medium" is an essential for me and I know will reamin this way forever! A lovely natural finish that lasts throughout the day!

And what would be a makeup bag without your fav mascara! What yours????? I love L'Oreal million lashes--- thick, long , black lashes! <3 what more can i say!!??

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